Wholesale Commercial Lender

Exciting improvements are on the horizon with Hoffman Consulting Group. We strive to provide the most value possible to our borrowers by understanding lenders and the rules of their credit policies. The more deals we close the better we are able to identify written and unwritten credit policies in the market place.

Wholesale commercial lender relationships enable us to have the inside track to credit guidelines. We are also able to submit deals directly to the lenders bypassing many of the sales bankers you meet first when going to the bank for a small business loan. This can save weeks of time in the application process. These relationships also enable us to set the right expectations for our clients.

In any case, a wholesale commercial lender relationship gives us a greater competitive edge to serve our borrowers. Our mission is to deliver a more efficient commercial credit market and improve economic development by getting more borrowers the money they need for their businesses. Let’s discuss your needs today.

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