Why to Use a Commercial Loan Broker?

Here are a few good reasons why you would want to engage a commercial broker for your next loan request.

  1. Options: A broker will normally have several lenders that may be interested in your loan request.
  2. Advocate: A broker that is paid on commission is going to fight for your loan. Bankers who get paid a salary are not as motivated.
  3. Expectations: A broker has a pulse on the commercial credit markets and can help manage your expectations and meet your deadlines.
  4. Results: A broker is paid for the result.
  5. Accountability: A broker doesn’t get paid to waste his time or yours. This makes them more accountable to the promises they make.
  6. Protection: Broker’s handle several transactions a year. They have seen many loan types and many sets of loan documents. You can trust that experience will be on your side.
  7. Checks & Balance: A broker can make sure that you hang in there when you lose motivation to continue the process, as well as keep the bankers honest and in their when they experience deal fatigue.
  8. Communication: A broker knows exactly what the lender wants when they request certain documents. This will help you prepare the documents correctly the first time.

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