Why use a Commerical Loan Broker?

People often ask us why they should use a broker rather than going straight to the bank. As discussed in previous posts, not all loan officers are equal in ability and desire to get your loan funded. These lenders get paid by the financial institution and therefore are not usually as hungry or creative when looking at your deal. Often they are stretched to perform on several different internal measurements which can limit their time and attention available for your loan. This is why you must interview your banker’s to ensure you find someone you feel is qualified to work your loan request.

With that being said; there are many great loan officers available. Going straight to the lender is not a bad option if you feel confident a bank will do your deal and you would like to save some money. If you go to a credible bank you will not be offered a loan that is predatory.

AsĀ  a broker we work with several lenders. Lenders will often refer loans they can’t do to our group. Not all lenders like the same types of loans. Some lenders will assume more risk than others. We know what a good offer looks like when we see one. We also know where we can negotiate on the terms of your loan. Sometimes this knowledge can save you thousands of dollars upfront, or down the road when you choose to refinance your loan.

We contract to work for you. Since the lenders do not pay us, we have your interest in mind at all times. Consider us your guide and compass through the commercial lending process. We are there to navigate your course through the uncertainty of commercial loans and the challenging process.

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